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 The Callaloo Company

Main Bamboo divider, for bamboo ceiling and wall panels, Thailand only

We retail: Rattan Bamboo flooring and wall panels...remarkably similar aren't they...!!!        button move for curtains,bamboo, rattan     button move for matchstick fences, rattan       button move for window decorations

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       Welcome to the Callaloo Company!!
We sell Bamboo Chairs, tables and Huts, Nyah! Nyah! Nyah! Nyah!


         Yup! I am really invisible!


We are in the process of upgrading to Phase II of this website and will be adding 30-40 new products to this website. (We apologize for the falling rocks and some incomplete links in advance!!)


As you may have guessed, we have something to do with Bamboo. (........Really??)
We offer a whole bunch of products in Bamboo,  AND if we don't have it, send us a drawing and we will make it!


All our bamboo products are:
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Hand crafted by artisans in Mexico, India, Thailand, S. Africa and Ecuador.
(quite an international!)


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Base gif: fence ball      90 day Warranty on all bamboo products



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new.gif (3972 bytes)We now have bamboo blinds for Porch's, verandah's, gazebos, spa's and other Outside Installations .                         


Relax: stress only brings coronaries. Take the cue from dem bears ,I think they have the right idea.







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Window coverings, matchstick, bamboo blinds

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