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                                                     The Callaloo Company

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Yup! I am invisible! Yup! I am really invisible!bullet_triangle_red1.gif (472 bytes) 90 Day Warranty
All of our bamboo products are covered by a 90 day Warranty. These warranties cover any defects in materials or workmanship so long as the product is handled and installed according to the product instructions.
Please click warranty for more details for the lifetime warranty. (What would life be without the fine print!!. We have tried to make it as painless as possible with all the details upfront)

In the unlikely event that warranty service is ever needed, simply Contact US and we'll arrange for a repair or replacement as quickly as possible.


bullet_triangle_red1.gif (472 bytes)Shipping

85% of our products are shipped by UPS, the other 15% is shipped by ground freight. We endeavor not to ship by ground freight because the the significant cost in shipping.

For bamboo products that is unusually large and exceed ground freight limitations, additional shipping charges may be incurred. We will endeavor to find the lowest cost freight alternative to suit your delivery. For shipments to Alaska and Hawaii, please call or email for a quote to cover the additional cost of air freight.

For shipment weights below 50 Ibs, there may be an additional charge for air freight shipments to our overseas and US customers. In general delivery times will vary from 4-6 weeks depending on the availability, quantity and simplicity of the product.

Shipping Outside of the United States                    earth.gif (39607 bytes)      
We can ship to anywhere in the world. Sample countries of some of our clients: United Kingdom, Germany, France, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, United Arab Emirates, South Africa and more.....      

Shipping overseas is a little more complicated.......!! Customs clearance and excise taxes are required. We deal directly within international freight forwarding agency that resolves most of these issues for us, Please contact us for a quote and instructions.



bullet_triangle_red1.gif (472 bytes)Samples
We carry some samples. These are usually of wall covering materials and fence panels. (not of the furniture!!)

We require a $50.00 deposit on your credit card for the Large size samples and $30.00 deposit for the small size samples. We will not charge your credit card if the samples are returned to us within 2 weeks.

We will absorb the cost of shipping the samples to you while returning the samples back to us will be at your cost. (Delivery time: 4-5 days)   (This turn out to be a more amicable solution than incurring the enormous overhead costs for large volume samples.)   Contact Us.

Defaulters: Folks who did not return the samples.



bullet_triangle_red1.gif (472 bytes) Referral Fee
Get money FREE for referring our product!! Introduce your friends to our products, if they purchase our products, you will receive a 5% referral fee as a gift.

To Qualify: Person referring must not be a member of the same household or live in the same address as the purchaser of the products. (Cut a deal with your neighbor!!). Person referring must contact us prior to purchaser contact and identify potential customers. Referral fee is 5% of total purchase order less S/H and Credit Card charges.

Special Offer to Interior decorators and Real Estate Agents, Please Contact US for details. We will provide the necessary expertise to remove any technical/installations concerns while assuring maximum satisfaction to your clients.




bullet_triangle_red1.gif (472 bytes) No Sales Tax
There is no sales tax for internet sales!! (finally a break from the Uncle Sam...:). We live in Texas, sooooo.....  for any delivery in Texas, we collect 8.25% sales tax on all orders. Yup! we had to pay sales tax as well for our own bamboo curtains as well.



bullet_triangle_red1.gif (472 bytes) Service
Service to our customers is very important to us. We are not mass resellers or producers of window coverings like our competitors. We take pride in our service to customers by promptly response to their individual queries and questions. Most importantly, we take ownership of your order as though it was our own, from the time of manufacturing to delivery to your doorstep.


bullet_triangle_red1.gif (472 bytes) Privacy
All information you provide to us will be kept absolutely confidential and be used solely to communicate better with you. We maintain strict security over all of our customer information and do not sell, share or trade information with outside companies. We do however reserve the right to use this information in any legal litigation or disputes related to the Callaloo Company.



bullet_triangle_red1.gif (472 bytes) Returns/Exchanges/Cancel Orders

Customized products:  Since our products are specially ordered/fitted to your requirements only, they are not returnable for any reason except warranty repair. There are no cancellations, after the order has been submitted. 
Standard non-customized products:  Returns of the product in it's original condition are accepted.  Please contact us prior to returning.  Round-trip shipping costs and 30% restocking fee applies.  Cancelled orders are subjected to a 30% restocking and administration fee.


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Special Products

Bamboo can be manufactured to fit any type of covering or furniture. We have manufactured special ordered beds, living room furniture, mats, vases, plant stands, wall coverings etc....... (to get an idea, please see the photo gallery)

We have custom built bamboo products for buildings, restaurants, libraries and even museums. Please feel free to contact us on any special requirements.   

Questions?? Chat with Us!!


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