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Hand-woven palm leaves.  The backside is an open diamond weave; the front looks like thatching. 

This thatch is from the Asia, It has a more golden color and bushier look for thatch. It looks more like the thatch seen in movies and TV shows!
After all thatch is originally from Asia, so I suppose it should look most natural!
This type of thatch is one of our personal favorites.

If you are looking for thatch for a palapa or beach umbrella , please see thatch raincapes.


Before purchasing thatch for any use, we strongly encourage you to read thru the painless advice, it has tons of information on installation, returns, care and maintenance. (Plus all the information on what not to do from our customers!)

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Tons of pictures to give you ideas



OK, you have read everything and you are ready to buy.

Based on the measuring information in the painless advice above, calculate how many pieces you will require.
Remember you have three options:
1)  4ft by 3ft thatch (12 square feet)
2) 30" by 22ft thatch (55 square feet)
3) 2ft by 57ft thatch (114 square feet)

Once you have decided how many, now you will need to know what is the shipping and handling cost. We ship via UPS and shipping cost will depend on weight, dimensions and destination zip code.
We will need the following info to provide you with a shipping quote:
1) Name
2) Address
3) City
4) Zip code
5) Name, size and how many units.
Please send all this information to Amber@my-callaloo.com

You can proceed to ordering once you receive a shipping quote from us.
Click on the icon below for ordering instructions.
If you want a faster service, you can contact us by phone or fax.






Front View











Underside View
























22ft Roll





22ft Roll Unrolled









Name Asia Thatch
Cost $15
Dimensions 42"  x 42"  
2 ft x 22 ft 
2 ft x 57 ft
7ft Round Raincape
9ft Round Raincape
12ft Round Raincape
Area 12 ft2
55 ft2
114 ft2
Shipping* UPS and Ground Freight
Handling $6 per roll
Delivery Schedule 1-2 weeks
Backing None
Usage Inside or Outside home








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