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O.K wall covering is a hot favorite with our customers. You can use this material for covering walls, ceilings, dividers/partitions and doors. (yes! doors, why I have no idea)

It really gives a very tropical look to the room or house quickly. It hard to visualize the entire wall or room covered with this type of textured wall paper, but when its up, it impressive!

  There is another option for wall coverings called rolled fencing. It is normally used for outside installations but is very common now installed inside the home as well. The advantage is that rolled fencing can be stapled to the wall and come in bigger 6ft by 15 rolls. They are cheaper in when covering larger areas.

  There is yet another option for wall coverings called Mats . This item is normally used as floor mats, but is very impressive when attached to walls and ceilings. Soft to the touch and yet durable.



Installation is specific to each style of wall paper. Please click on the pictures below for more information


Bits o' Advice

  • Before you plaster you whole house!, get a sample and determine if the product is right for your decor!

  • If you have small people with many itchy fingers, you might want to select the wall covering that are impervious to small people wearing diapers!

  • Wall covering is not made of teflon! Stuff will stick on it......

  • For commercial application you will want to fire retard the wall coverings.

  • Water based non staining glue can be used for Sanguran, Rangoon wall, Shanghai, Bangkok, Bombay wall coverings.  These papers shrink considerably on drying and the installer should allow the shrinkage to occur before trimming otherwise the wall coverings will pull away from the ceiling/wall edge.

  • When stapling (use a electric or pneumatic staple gun), wire wound products such as rolled fencing,  staple on the wire only.  This allows the staple to disappear between the slats or poles and does not damage them. 

  • When stapling the mats. (Bacbac Mat, Bacback with rope, Bacbac with braid, Baliz, Cabana Mats, Komodo, Lampac mats, thatches, Raffia Bacbac, and Romblen mats). The material can be raised up to allow the staple to be installed and the leaf or other natural product allowed to return to its original location covering the staple. 

  • Hard mats/boards such as bamboo natural, natural skin, mottled, and smoked slat wall covering must be stapled to the walls. Glue will not work on these products, shrinkage is too great. The mats ends should be held in place by molding and stapled for ceilings and walls at various points in the center.

  • You can use any normal molding from your local hardware store or use bamboo half round for molding.

  • During ceiling installations sagging is always an issue.
    Beamed ceilings with openings smaller than the width of the material are the easiest to cover, cut and fit  If the ceiling has an area that requires butting of two pieces, then if the material is light, glue or staples would be sufficient else molding  is required to support the joint.
    Materials that might sag and require additional center support can be glued or stapled in several central locations or another molding strip added at the center.  Stapling for ceiling applications is preferred,  industrial adhesive can be used. 

  • For ceiling installations, the preferred installation method is to hold down the ends with molding (and occasionally the middle).










Please click on any of the pictures for larger pictures.


Shanghai Wallpaper
36in x 36ft per roll
$ 0.67/ft2
Paper backing



Sanguran Cloth
27in x 27ft per roll
$ 0.93/sqft



Sanguran Wallpaper
36in x 36ft
$ 1.01/sqft
Paper Backing


Bangkok Wallpaper
36in x 36ft per roll
$ 0.67/sqft
Paper Backing





Rangoon Wallpaper
36in x 36ft per roll
$ 0.70/sqft
Paper Backing



Bombay Wallpaper
36in x 36ft per roll
$ 0.67/sqft
Paper backing


1/2" Natural Outside Bark
47in x 9ft per roll
$ 2.58/sqft
Cheese Cloth Backing

1/2" Mottled Outside Bark
47in x 9ft per roll
$ 2.87/sqft
Cheese Cloth Backing

3/8" Natural Slat
47in x 9ft per roll
$ 2.50/sqft
Cheese Cloth Backing



3/8" Smoked Slat
47in x 9ft per roll
$ 2.71/sqft
Cheese cloth Backing


Abaca Skin
36in x 24ft per roll
$ 0.91/sqft





Bacbac w/Rope Insert
36in x 26ft per roll
$ 1.20/sqft



Bacbac w/Braid Insert
36in x 26ft per roll
$ 1.20/sqft



36in x 26ft per roll
$ 1.03/sqft



36in x 26ft per roll
$ 1.27/sqft





Raffia BacBac
36in x 26ft per roll
$ 0.94/sqft



Plain Tatami
36in x 73 1/2 ft - $205 per roll
36 in x 8 1/2 ft - $28 per roll





Please click on any of the pictures for more detailed pictures.






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