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    Cream Color 
            (Wall Covering)

Made from fine raffia.
Not paper-backed.


Use all normal wallpaper installation techniques,

Using a non-staining wall paper glue.  The wallpaper papers shrink considerably when drying.  The shrinkage is along the length of the sheet on across the width.  Leave about an half an inch at the top and bottom of the installed sheet and allow it to dry several hours before trimming.

Your local wallpaper store will have the wallpaper glue.  Take a sample along when you go, try to find a glue with a low water content. 

When butting edges of two end of wallpaper, use normal wallpapering procedure for cutting seamless ends. Your local hardware store will show you how.



Bits o' Advice

  • Before you plaster you whole house!, get a sample and determine if the product is right for your decor!

  • If you have small people with many itchy fingers, you might want to select the wall covering that are impervious to small people wearing diapers!

  • Wall covering is not made of teflon! Stuff will stick on it......

  • For commercial application you will want to fire retard the wall coverings.

  • You can use bamboo molding to accent the edges of the wall paper. You can use any normal molding from your local hardware store or use bamboo half round for molding.

  • For measuring and area calculation, please consult your local wallpaper store, they usually have worksheets that will work well.












Front View




Close Up





Note: The dime for relative size




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Name Sanguran Cloth
Cost $56.45/roll  ($0.93/ft2)
Dimensions 27 inches by 27 feet
Area 60 3/4 ft2
Weight ~  lbs
Shipping* UPS and Ground Freight
Handling $3 per roll
Delivery Schedule 3-4 weeks
Backing None
Usage Inside home

* Please contact us with product name, quantity, and zip code for shipping cost.







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Main Bamboo divider, for blinds and matchstick page, Thailand only
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