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Yup! I am invisible! Yup! I am really invisible! Haven't tried all of this, but what hey!! its free...........

Tums Magnet and Coupon
Tums is promoting their product by giving away free refrigerator magnets and coupons. Order one for yourself by filling out the short form on their website.
Silk Effects + Razor
Order your Shick Silk Effects razor today. It's absolutely free (nicks and cuts not included due to protective guard wires).
Tylenol Arthritis
Tylenol Arthritis uses a unique, patented, bi-layer caplet. The first layer dissolves quickly to provide prompt relief, while the second layer is time-released to provide up to eight hours of relief.
Dickies Luggage Tag
With this handy freebie, no longer will you be wondering, "is that my bag? or is that my bag?" You will know with your Official Dickies Luggage Tag.
Tasters Choice Coffee
Tasters Choice is made with premium coffee beans that are golden roasted for a smooth coffee taste. Sign up to receive a free sample.
Motrin IB
For more than 23 years, doctors have recommended the medicine in Motrin IB to relieve many kinds of pain. No other non-prescription pain reliever has been proven to work better.
Tostitos Tortilla Chips
When registering, click the "free tostitos" box near the submit button to receive your free sample.
Colgate Total Fresh Stripe
Take the Colgate quiz and they'll send you a free sample of Fresh Stripe Toothpaste. It's the only gel toothpaste that helps protect you against gingivitis, cavities, plaque, tartar, and bad breath all day long.
Tylenol PM
Tylenol PM is a special nighttime medicine that combines Extra Strength TYLENOL pain reliever with an ingredient that helps you rest.
Physique Sample
Join Club Physique today and get a free sample of their product. Then, by spreading the word about Physique to your friends you have the opportunity to earn free full size products.
Received WebOrganizer is the premier webtop organizer. It's a fully integrated solution that helps busy people manage their professional and personal lives. delivers world class email, calendar, file storage (photos, music), and groups, and allows you to collaborate and communicate with co-workers, and friends.
Mentos Cool Chews
Get in mint condition with Mentos Cool Chews. Cool Chews is the first chewy strong mint and this is your chance to try them for free!
Downy Premium Care
Downy Premium Care is a revolutionary fabric enhancer that gives new meaning to the whole idea of fabric care. Its clear formula penetrates deep into fabric fibers to help reduce wrinkles, keep colors bright, and leave cotton more absorbent than traditional softeners.
Mandy Moore Sampler and Poster
Sign up for the Mandy Moore e-mail list. By signing up, you'll receive a 4-song cassette sampler, complete with 4-color artwork and a free fold-out poster.
Answer a short survey and receive a free .4 oz sample of Arrid XX Ultra Clear.
Postage Paid Envelopes
You will receive 10 Postage4Free envelopes each pre-stamped with a REAL 33 postage stamp!! Every Postage4Free envelope has money saving coupons printed directly on the envelope-two of them are especially for you... you tear them off before using each envelope!! AND... when you use your Postage4Free envelope, the recipient receives the coupon printed on the back of the envelope (they'll love you for it!).
Imodium A-D
Previously available only by prescription, IMODIUM A-D has been used for years to treat diarrhea. No wonder it's the brand recommended most by doctors and pharmacists to provide relief from diarrhea, often in just one dose.
Fit Produce Rinse
Fit Fruit and Vegetable Rinse is a remarkable new product from Procter & Gamble that helps you protect your family from unwanted residues like pesticides, dirt, and wax, so you get nothing but the great taste of nature.
Motley Fool Guide
Join now and receive The Motley Fool's 13 Steps to Investing Foolishly. is a must visit for any investor.
Answers in Genesis Booklets
The X-Nilo Show is offering free booklets produced by Answers in Genesis on "Dinosaurs and the Bible", "Where did Cain get his wife?" and "Is there really a God?" You will receive all three booklets, an Answers Update, and a Creation Resources Catalog.
Internet Explorer 5.0 CD
Get a free copy a of a CD-ROM containing full versions of MSIE 5.0, Microsoft Windows media player, Internet software, screensavers, exclusive audio, movie trailers, and more.
Free Mousepads
After you fill out the online form, you will receive a free mouse pad in the mail. You can even choose between soft or hard top mouse pads. So if you prefer a hard top mouse pad but own a soft top, look no further! They will make sure you have your preferred pad.
Free Charles Swindoll Book
Get this free study guide from Insight For Living. A different book is offered each month.
The Gospel of John
In the Gospel of John you will see the importance of looking to Jesus alone for eternal life. God sent Jesus, His Son, to die on the Cross for our sins. When you believe in Him, you have eternal life and you can know that He will keep His promise never to lose you and that on the last day He will raise you up to live with Him forever.
Noxema Skin Fitness
Fortified with vitamin E, Noxema Skin Fitness hydrates thirsty skin in a light, fresh way, and lets it feel like it can breathe all day long. Noxema is offering one free sample of this per household.
Update: Wow! what a generous and honest company.
Because they took so long sending out the free samples, they sent me a free water bottle in addition to the skin fitness sample.
At this site, you will find over 30 different trial magazine offers. Offers include, Time, People, ESPN, and Seventeen. There is something for everyone so take a look.
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Beltone Hearing Aid
See for yourself how small hearing help can be with this free non-working sample of a tiny Beltone hearing aid. Once you hold this tiny, non-working sample in your hand, you'll wonder why you didn't get hearing help sooner.
Pert Plus Sample
Pert Plus cleans, conditions, then it gets outa there. It doesn't hang around to weigh hair down. No waxy residue. No build up. None of those listless, slacker follicles. It's water based, so hair rinses clean.
Rembrandt Whitening Toothpaste
Rembrandt Whitening Toothpaste helps remove stains and whiten teeth without the use of gritty abrasives, or acids found in other whitening products. Its very low-abrasive patented formula contains Citroxain, which not only helps safely remove stains, but also has been proven to noticeably lighten teeth.
Internet World Subscription
Get a Free subscription to Internet World, The only source you'll need for your Internet business and enterprise activities. Internet World puts all the news into perspective, and that saves you valuable time and gives you an edge on breaking trends and technologies. Regular features include: E-Commerce, Infrastructure, Web Development, Industry.
T-shirt Outlet T-shirts
The T-shirt outlet specializes in distributing t-shirts that contain printing imperfections, such as an incorrect company logo. These shirts are available to you for free. New T-shirts are constantly being added to the to replace the ones that are going out of stock.
All New Free2Try
This new and improved website from the people at Free2Try is now better than ever. You have access to over 93 different offers from this free stuff site. One of the most notable additions is the listing of over 50 free magazine offers.
Free Dove Bar
Dove is not a soap; it is a specially formulated cleanser containing 1/4 moisturizing lotion so it won't dry your skin the way soap can. And Dove is the #1 cleanser recommended by dermatologists and pediatricians.
Abzorb Cleaning Mats
Abzorb creates mats that clean up oil. Their unique Stain Stopper backing is non-penetrable and non-skid. It's so durable that they guarantee the backing for three years against tearing, cracking or leaking.
Mypoints Program
I have nothing but good things to say about mypoints. They are simply one of the best programs on the net. I have earned several prizes from them such as gift certificates and other free merchandise. (Valued at $55 so far, but it is possible to earn free vacations if you work hard enough at it.) I recommend that everyone who wants quality free stuff join this outstanding program.
Decision Magazine
Order a free 6 Month subscription to Decision Magazine today. It is full of valuable information.
Catalog Link
Why put off all your shopping to the last minute? With some pre-planning help from all the useful free catalogs at CatalogLink, you can start today! You can order as many catalogs as you want to. Note: This is not the same as the catalog savings offer that was previously featured here, it is a whole new set of catalogs.
Beaver Hardwood Flooring
Choose from any or all of the 11 floor samples that they are offering. Beaver claims to be one of the best hardwood floor makers in North America.
The Puzzle Club
The Puzzle Club is offering a free copy of several different books, depending on the time of year that it is.
U.S. News
U.S News is an indispensable publication. It is the newsmagazine that goes way beyond the news to help you lead an exciting and productive life. Take advantage of U.S. News & World Report's extraordinary offer and get 4 free issues of the magazine.
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ExpressSupplies Transfer Paper
Get a free sample of transfer paper that you can use to make t-shirts. Simply print the image from your computer onto the paper, and then iron it onto a shirt.
Money Magazine
Get One Free Issue of Money Magazine. This Magazine is full of cutting edge strategies, expert opinions, and up to date information. U.S and Canada Only
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Free Book From Billy Graham
BGEA gives out a free book or audio tape to anyone who wants it. This Offer Changes Every Month, so be sure to check back often for new stuff.
Catalog Request Center
Choose from over 300 different catalogs to order. They are all categorized into certain groups so that it is easier to find what you are looking for. What I like about this is that you do not have to fill out more than one form. You just fill out one and you can order as many catalogs as you like.
Print Free Coupons From Your Computer
Save hundreds of dollars at your favorite stores, restaurants, and travel companies. Membership in CoolSavings is free, enrolling is fast, and your information is always 100% private


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