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Yup! I am invisible! Yup! I am really invisible!   The pictures/video were donated by our customers, if you would like to include any of your photos. Please forward us a picture and we will include in the the website, along with your name. (sorry! no porn!).

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Good Advice

How to tell if your ass is too small

So!! you think you have had a bad day??

Somewhere, something went terribly wrong!

Microsoft! We will pay anything for these Options!

Would you have invest in this bunch??

The REAL corporate org chart??

Most frequent Corporate related work injury

Why men have higher auto insurance...



Movies/Short Files

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Internationally recognized sign for Stress

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Survey from The HR department

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Useless Inventions from Japan

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Don't mess with Baby

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Please do not enter of you are easily offended


Reeeealy Irritated baby...




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