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Might take a while to load folks! High resolution pictures!



Note: If you need to know how to make some of the items in the picture gallery below, please see the painless advice section below.
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More Pictures!
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The picture gallery will show photos of palapas and thatch being used in various ways. Some are from our customer installation, some are pictures they sent us in an effort to make the item themselves.
We DO NOT provide construction for any of these items. (In fact we did not make any of these items, our customers send us these pictures with requests on how to make them.) We will provide you with the raw products and instructions on how to make the product. We will give you tips on how to construct each item and where to get the components to make them.

On some of these items, you will have to get local construction help. They are complicated and require some form of structural engineering. Before you make these items, please contact your local authorities/home owners association to confirm the local regulations/restrictions.
(Even though you may not purchase the raw products from us when using local construction contractors, it is more important to us that you understand how to make your item and be happy with the final product, we will help you with any information you will need. )


           POOL BAR

Semi Professional
Simple design, use normal wood frame for the bar, build a stud wood roof frame and lay two layers of thatch.

Home Made
Again, another simple design, build your bar with wood frame/plywood and roof. Tack the thatch to the sides and the roof





      PALAPA Umbrella


Home Made
This is a normal beach umbrella from your local home improvement store. It has thatch added to the canvas top. Please see the painless advice on how to make this beach type umbrella





Tiki Bar
Plywood base with thatch panels on the roof and the sides. The sides and top are trimmed with split bamboo poles, Simple construction
Interestingly: This picture was sent to use by customer who seems to have acquired it from
Its one of our competitors!





Tiki Bar
Semi Professional!
Thatch panels on the roof and the sides. The sides covered with whole bamboo poles attached to walls. Note the back walls, 3" bamboo poles upright. Simple construction, Pillars are wood or can be made from 6" bamboo.




Thatch Roof Bar
Semi Professional
Construct the a wood roof frame 12" spacing and attach to the wall with the proper pitch. (You probably need a carpenter for this job :). Add thatch on top two layers and you are good to go!





Entry way
OK So you probably cannot make this!. Looks good though! hah!



Tiki Bar Roof
OK So you probably cannot make this as well! Note: the simple roof frame to hold the thatch. Simple wood construction, round pretreated poles. You will find this construction at your local neighborhood Mexican restaurant





Thatch Ramada
The poles are made from wood or 6" bamboo poles. The roof frame is wood. Use normal thatch panels for the roof.




Cement base, electrical wiring, round frame, this palapa would be in $1500 range.







Thatch Roof Playset
Buy a normal playset.
Add a wood roof at the top, add two layers or thatch and you are good to go!





Home Made
This customer, made the frame from 2by4 wood frame. The base is made from plywood and wood trimmed. The thatch was laid and tied down on the roof with wire ties.




Palapa Porch Rotunda




So the patio was professionally made.
But the rotunda has a simple thatch raincape......
One of our customers, well done!, well thought out design.







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